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Property Law

Real Estate is usually the biggest investment anyone makes. People work very hard to buy and maintain their homes and their vacation or business properties. Although our laws recognize and protect private property rights, such rights are not absolute. What you can and can not do with your property is controlled by a complicated web of bureaucracy. Cities and towns have ordinances, New Castle County has its Code, and various State laws and regulations all apply. Rufo Associates helps its clients to enjoy their property as they wish. We assist with plans for remodeling and renovation, additions, change of use, and full blown development. We also represent landowners with access or boundary issues such as easements, licenses, encroachments, and interference with use and enjoyment by neighbors and others.

The seller of residential property in Delaware must provide a full disclosure of the condition of the property. Buyers rely on such disclosures and on the advice of Realtors in deciding whether to purchase a property. When those disclosures or that advice are false, misleading or incomplete, buyers often realize significant financial and other damages. Rufo Associates is experienced in holding Realtors and sellers responsible and in helping buyers recover their losses.

Rufo Associates assists parties to “FSBO’ real estate sales agreements. The firm can help a buyer, a seller, or both parties. We prepare all the necessary documents and guide the parties through the transaction all the way to the settlement table. These services are provided at a mere fraction of the fees collected by Realtors.

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1252 Old Lancaster Pike, Hockessin, Delaware 19707