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By gaining entry into the database, you hereby certify that:

A. You are the “User” or the “User Designee” identified in the Privacy and Security Agreement and the Terms of Use executed and filed with Rufo Associates, PA. Access to and use of the database by anyone other than the “User” or “User Designee” is strictly prohibited.

B. Unless express and specific alternative arrangements were made prior to each attempt to access and use the database, you are accessing the database from User’s Firm in Wilmington, Delaware. Access to and use of the database from any location other than User’s Firm in Wilmington, Delaware is strictly prohibited.

C. You will remain in full compliance with the Privacy and Security Agreement and the Terms of Use governing use of the database which is incorporated herein as fully as if set forth at length. Administrative and policy changes made pursuant to Paragraph 6 of the Privacy and Security Agreement shall be at all time sin effect and shall not require execution of an amended Privacy and Security Agreement or Terms of Use document. D. Your use of the database and the materials contained in it is limited to the express purpose of furtherance of your duties as Defense Counsel for a Defendant in a Delaware Asbestos Litigation action who is participating in the Defense Coordination Group established by Standing Order No. 1 and administered by Rufo Associates, PA.

E. You will not access, view or download materials in any case not set for trial (unless a deposition of an exigent Plaintiff in such a case has been scheduled and is upcoming) and you will not view, access, or download any materials in any case where the trial date is more than 6 months from the date of access to the Database. Such materials should be requested via e-mail to Rufo Associates at Excessive downloads and downloading of materials in cases without trial dates or with trial dates more than 6 months in the future is strictly prohibited.

I Agree
I Disagree
1252 Old Lancaster Pike, Hockessin, Delaware 19707